The GREAT Male Orgasm

December 15, 2015

Rain… Ahh… I just love the rain. Now, I have never been to Seattle but from all I hear about the amount it rains there I think I would be in utter bliss. Alas, I live in the sunshine state and as it’s true to its name… there is almost AWAYS sunshine. Now don’t get me wrong… I like to have sunny days, but I also love those days that the rain is steady and constant… softly falling… a gentle sprinkle falling on the palm fronds. That is exactly what today is like… perfect. So of course I am here sinking down deep into my reclining chair looking out my French doors at the tropical foliage right outside. In this gentle beat of the rain falling I started to think about orgasms… more specifically… The GREAT Male Orgasm.

Now, I ask that you take a moment and open your heart and mind. What I am going to discuss is an approach or view of the male orgasm that is not what is taught here in western society. So in a nut shell the great male orgasm can be achieved by… withholding from ejaculating. Now wait. Before you through your hands up in the air in protest, just hear me out. Our western view of the male orgasm is through ejaculation. Even our medical professionals encourage ejaculating frequently for prostate health. I’m not going to say yay or nay on that. I am just going to present you with another view.

In the east, many are taught about withholding from ejaculation. Their view is grounded by not only physical beliefs of orgasm but as well as spiritual beliefs. Pure sexual energy in the body is produced in the testicles. This energy is called Ching. It’s pure UNREFIND sexual energy. Production of Ching is very taxing on the body, and it takes a lot of energy to produce. Begin that Ching is produced in the testicles, men’s semen is just busting at the seams with it. It’s the most valuable of energies in my opinion. It’s the energy that can recreate life, and the most pure and potent creative energy. This is also why many women can feel additional pleasure from a male ejaculating inside her.

It’s said that deeply artistic and creative people have an abundance of this energy. Many professional athletes refrain from sex the night prior to a big game. Ching is the greatest nutrient for the brain and it can rejuvenate the body.

So why withhold ejaculation? Now I hope you read that correctly… I have not mentioned refraining from intercourse. I am saying to refrain from ejaculation. You can have intercourse… all that you want… just don’t ejaculate. This is why.

The Ching energy itself is very strong as we discussed before. This is why there is an overwhelming feeling you get when you ejaculate. So if Ching takes so much energy to make, and most of Ching lies in sperm. Then when a man ejaculates sperm out of the body he will loose that energy that the body worked so hard to create. Women release Ching to the genital and pelvic area, but it does not leave the body. This is why men loose energy after ejaculation and as a man gets older their refractory period also increases to be able to allow the body time to create Ching.

So the secret to The Great Male Orgasm is to start withholding from ejaculation. This way he would not release Ching but rather turn that energy inward into the body. He has the potential to feel an orgasm similar to a female orgasm as the energy would pulsate throughout the body rather than leave the body. He could also learn to concentrate that energetic feeling and have the sensation of orgasm last hours. Many men find that they can become erect more frequently and therefore have intercourse more frequently. This is a technique that takes time to learn but its well worth it. It can bolster your energetic feeling and increase your ability to control your orgasm.

As always I hope I inspired you to connect with your sensuality.


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