Board Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Hypnotherapist, Gabriela Galvan de Antillion has been helping individuals and couples overcome sex and intimacy struggles for over a decade.

Raised in Austin, Texas, Gabriela has a passion for good tacos, great barbecue and has a strong reliance on the word “y’all.” It’s her approachable and comfortable demeanor that helps people feel at ease when seeking guidance on some of their most intimate issues.

Whether you are looking to increase intimacy and sex in your relationship, address and remedy erectile dysfunction, overcome infidelity, or even just learn how to best talk to your children about sex – this is the best place to start.

We are currently offering both in-person and online telehealth sessions.

Gabriela Galvan de Antillon MS, LMHC, BCST, C.Ht., CSOTS, CAP
Sex & Intimacy

Offering insightful guidance in a supportive environment to better obtain true bliss from sex and intimacy.


Trauma is not something anyone should handle alone. We’re here to help you heal.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Manage conflicts, regain sex and intimacy, and move forward to put the pieces back together with respect and validation.


Addiction is not an easy way to navigate live. We’re here to help our patients find themselves and separate themselves from their addiction.

A Private Sanctuary

Where you are able to comfortably express yourself freely

Blue Pearl Therapeutic is here to serve your needs

This is a safe place where your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or cultural background are welcomed and accepted. In therapy, this is paramount. When the mood is open and free we feel comfortable to address any concern. Visit a trusted Miami therapist in Coral Gables, Florida for sex and intimacy, and couples therapy.

Whether in-person or online sessions, Blue Pearl Therapeutic will help you develop the skills you need to cope with your specific challenge. At times, when sex and intimacy is strained with couples or marriages it causes a ripple effect to all other aspects of life. We understand the importance of sex and intimacy between two loved ones; let us help you regain trust, friendship, and playfulness in your relationship. Physical traumas can also affect sex and intimacy. We work with persons who have suffered physical trauma to regain sexual intimacy. Not only is Blue Pearl Therapeutic your trusted Miami Therapist but your location for Board Certified Sex Therapy as well.

We understand that traumatic events happen in life. It does not have to be all consuming. Let us move sexual traumas such as rape, incest, and sexual molestation to the past and develop together a happier more fulfilling life. We see children as young as 6 all the way to adults that are struggling with a recent or past sexual trauma. If you are a person who has thoughts of committing an unwanted sexual act we are here to help. We address concerns of voyeurism to persons charged with a sexual crime.

Each person that comes to Blue Pearl Therapeutic can rest assure that their therapeutic experience will be specifically tailored for them. As humans we can have concerns that are similar but we resolve them in different ways and amount of time. At Blue Pearl Therapeutic our focus is you so feel free to visit our comfortable therapy location in Coral Gables.

Blue Pearl Therapeutic offers services in both private sessions and educational seminars throughout the year for a variety of topics. These seminars include exciting topics such as sex and intimacy, intimate sensual massage tailored for couples as well as Gottman 7 Principles Program for Making Marriage Work.

At Blue Pearl Therapeutic you can find your true self through the seed of consciousness.

Se Habla Español.

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What our patients are saying
Gaby is one of the most thoughtful therapists I've had the pleasure of working with. She is caring and knowledgeable and most of all open and accepting of all people, regardless of their stories or struggles. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a therapist that gets results fast. She is the real deal.
The overall experience is always left on a positive note. Highly recommended
Awesome, caring, and intelligent. She really cares for her clients. She is nonjudgmental and open to all issues and lifestyles.
Dear Gabriela,

Your talk at the LDS lunch on Tuesday was by far and away the most interesting and thought provoking presentation I have heard in quite some time. Simply put, you are fabulous. You tackled what can be an awkward topic (although interesting and important to everyone) with common sense, grace, good humor and aplomb. I’d love to get together for lunch and get to know you better. Let me know if you can get together.

Gaby is a well rounded and very knowledgeable therapist who really cares about her clients. She listens and gives great feedback. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!