The Spiritual Side of Orgasm

December 9, 2015

So the other day I was craving something rich to drink so I thought to myself “Self… You need a hot cup of brown goodness…” I high tailed it to my local beverage boutique and ordered me a hot cup of Hot Chocolate. You thought I was going to say coffee didn’t you! No this need required a deep level of richness… one that can only be achieved with chocolate. I’m sure you have already come to realize I do by best thinking when something around me inspires me. Today, it was my hot chocolate. Today, I thought about the spiritual side of orgasm.

Orgasm is not just the end result of intense arousal and sexual tension. When we orgasm or climate with our partner it bonds the two of you at an energetic level as well as spiritual level. Self-stimulation also can be a spiritual experience. Orgasm whether female or male, alone or with a partner involves the total self: mind, body, and soul.

In eastern views, orgasm comes in 2 types… explosive and implosive. Explosive orgasms your basic sexual energy is released. It results in manifestations, stress is released, and one feels the depletion of their sexual energy. This is what feels most natural for men to do. Then we have implosive orgasm. This type is quite special and not as practiced in western culture. Implosive orgasm is healing or it produces “unity work.” It draws your energy INTO you and restores and nourishes the body as well as the soul. This is most natural for women to experience and it’s a bit of why women feel full of energy afterwards. It’s so impactful that for some there is fear of extending themselves towards others in this manner.

Orgasm is just so much more than what so many experience and think. If you take down all the blocks that many of us place or have been taught with orgasms… sex… love. Take all of that and put it aside. Let we be vulnerable and allow orgasm to do what it does best. It allows the energy of the body to align between our physical perspective and non-physical that connects both sides of who you are. In this state, our mind temporarily “looses control.” We become essentially in a deep state of surrender to the experience of ourselves and if you are engaging in this orgasm with a person whom you LOVE you unite the nonphysical self with that person and it in essence amplifies or puts you in a state of “oneness.”

Love and orgasm makes the perfect couple. When you add love to sex and more specifically to and implosive orgasm (men can achieve implosive orgasm not just women) it transforms sex so that it’s not sex but more of a transport to the great beyond. This is what practices like Tantra try to teach. Orgasm in Tantra can reach awareness where our identity is set aside and one is free to reach their infinite nature. People can reach a higher level of enlightenment. Some cultures believe it’s the closest one can reach the heavens.

As always I hope I inspired you to connect with your sensuality.


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