Individual and family psychotherapy are the most common forms of counseling at Blue Pearl Therapeutic. In addition, we offer E-­‐Therapy* sessions for traveling professionals or for those who do not have easy access to our office. Our E-­‐Therapy sessions
are held via Skype.

Group sessions, or workshops, are available for those interested in a supportive healing environment. Our group sessions bring together individuals with similar concerns who are seeking clinical guidance and communal support. Our typical group workshops address: social anxiety, adolescent concerns, self-­‐esteem issues, assertiveness, women’s issues, depression, grief and loss, divorce/divorce with children, addictions and more.

**E-­‐Therapy is not appropriate for individuals under the age of 15 with suicidal ideation or for family sessions. Individuals with symptomology that includes delusions, hallucinations and/or dementia are also not candidates for E-­‐Therapy. Clients must have access to Skype and have video feed capability. First session is recommended in-­‐office to assess for eligibility and effectiveness of E-­‐therapy on an individual basis.

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