Couples Therapy

Do you miss the closeness you once had?

Has sex gone out the window? Are you using sex as leverage?

Want better sex?

Are you arguing over the little things?

Worried the children will be affected

Afraid divorce may be on the horizon?

Looking outside your relationship for comfort?

Blue Pearl Therapeutic is a personalized and caring environment for couples to address concerns in their relationship.  Couples therapy can help you regain a close, loving relationship.

Our couples benefit from Gottman therapeutic techniques to help break through road blocks that affect communication, trust, and a sense of closeness. Couples come to us to rebuild friendships, fondness, and to look towards each other for their needs. Changing what has been negative and draining to a more positive perspective. We work to help couples manage conflict and work to make life dreams come true, regain sex and intimacy, and move forward to manage conflicts with respect and validation. Rebuilding trust and commitment can strengthen a couple to once again find shared meaning in their relationship.

We are a safe place for couples, marriages, and GLBT couples.

We have been trained in Gottman therapeutic techniques and are a certified Gottman 7 Principles Program Educator.