Healing and Connecting Through Yoni and Lingam Massage

January 18, 2016

Many in our western culture are not familiar with the words Yoni and Lingam. So I will take a moment to explain the beauty of both these words and how they celebrate what they describe.

Yoni means “Sacred Space” which is basically the vagina. If you think about it though doesn’t the work Yoni describe this part of the female body in a better way? I mean isn’t the vagina indeed a sacred space? It’s a space to create life and allow life to come to this world. A space to accept and receive energy and love from the person we allow to enter. Space where emotions are held and released, including pain and pleasure. To describe such a space with only the name “vagina,” in my opinion, does not communicate all that it embodies.

Lingam (as I am sure you can figure where I’m going) means “Wand of Light,” which is basically the penis. As you can imagine I believe Lingam is much better at describing this powerful organ. So a Lingam does not just release semen, but rather it releases energy and life. Does energy and life not emit light? So even if a man does not ejaculate his energy or “light” can internally ignite to promote his health, creativity, and sexual energy.

So let’s talk briefly of what Yoni and Lingam Massage is, now that we know what a Yoni and Lingam is. It’s a massage for exchange of sexual energy through the hands of the giver to celebrate the receivers “gifts.” The “gifts” are either the Yoni or Lingam. The overall goal is not orgasm or ejaculation but rather to give and feel sexual energy and raw emotion. This is a very sensual and bonding experience for both individuals. It requires in my view a greater level of trust than traditional intercourse.

Why a greater level of trust? Well if the exchange is done sincerely it takes about 90 minutes to complete for just 1 person. Normally, couples take turns of separate days because the release and internalization of emotion can be quite powerful. Women can find this experience especially profound. The Yoni holds raw emotion that she has felt from different experiences in life. These can be positive or unpleasant emotions. If a woman has experienced sexual trauma in the past some raw emotions can be released. Now that is not to say that this release is negative… on the contrary to release it and no longer allow this energy to consume a person internally is actually beneficial. Also, if a woman has no trauma in her past she can find this experience especially powerful if her own sensuality is suppressed. Both individuals when on the receiving end can feel an overwhelming sensation of sexual pleasure and love from the giver.

Men also have an added benefit from this experience. They can experience what is called the “Big Draw.” This is a technique to save all the raw sexual energy that a man feels before ejaculation and internalize it to feel that level of energy for a longer period of time rather than just seconds. This not only allows to feel the intense pleasure for a longer period of time, but also to be able to control climax, be able to have erections more frequently, and for loner periods of time.

I encourage all couples to learn this beautiful and sacred exchange. In eastern countries, as well as in some European countries, this massage is performed in setting similar to our massage therapist offices here in the US. Here is the US this type of massage normally is not allowed to be performed by a massage therapist. This does not mean that you as an individual or couple cannot learn this sacred technique to perform at home. I encourage you to do so; to open up to a more profound experience and connection with yourself and loved one.

If you are in the Miami area and would like to learn Yoni and Lingam Massage techniques you can register here for the next Yoni and Lingam Massage hands on Workshop at Blue Pearl Therapeutic.

As always I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality.


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