Sex & Intimacy

Sex can be a healing and blissful exchange of energy. Unfortunately, the  media, or past attitudes involving sex all too commonly complicate our lives unnecessarily, triggering confusion, guilt, and the repression of who we are.

It’s important to have an environment in which you can safely discuss any concerns you may have in regards to sex and intimacy. At Blue Pearl Therapeutic, we provide an embracing atmosphere where sex is no longer a faux pas topic of discussion.

Through a supportive engagement, we offer insightful guidance that will allow you to better navigate any challenges that may be hindering you from obtaining true bliss from sex and intimacy.

Some of the concerns we address include:

  • Vaginal pain
  • Sex after trauma
  • Delayed/Rapid Ejaculation
  • Pain when touched
  • Sex after surgery
  • Sex after a birth of a child
  • Fetishes
  • Porn
  • Sex during and after cancer treatment
  • Developing intimacy after infidelity
  • Rekindling intimacy
  • Sex in our silver years
  • Counseling for sex reassignment surgery
  • No prior sexual experience concerns
  • Pre and post penile implants
  • Pre and post vaginal implants

In addition, our highly qualified Board Certified Sex Therapist and licensed clinician are skilled in helping those that are dealing with adolescent and child concerns regarding sex;  issues specific to hermaphrodites, as well as helping one cope through the traumas of sexual abuse, incest or rape.