So You Saw a Baby Come Out of Your Wife’s Vagina

So You Saw a Baby Come Out of Your Wife’s Vagina

Well that must have been everything that you didn’t expect and more! Ah, The Miracle of Birth. It really is something. Of course, for many people seeing the head of their child crown through their lovers vagina is an experience that leaves no mark behind. However, there is another segment of the population that when they witnessed such an event the image of which never left their mind. It’s like it was seared to their retinas for all eternity. Wow… painful.

Now, I’m sure that many of you have never thought of what witnessing the birth of your child could do to your sex life. Well, let me tell you it can do a number. Now, before I go down this road I by no means am wanting the Miracle of Birth to go back to before the 1950s – where the other parent waited in the waiting room until all was said and done. Then the nurse or doctor walked out and announced the healthy arrival of a bouncing boy or girl before breaking open a cigar. NO. BIG NO.

What I am saying is its totally a thing that watching a live birth can affect the eroticism you have towards those parts of your loved one’s body. Really… it’s totally a thing.

You are not alone. It’s a bit more common than people think. Unfortunately, it’s taboo to talk about as well as looked down upon as being weak or lesser of a partner. I mean women go through all that and the other person gets all affected from just watching? See what I mean…

So, there are some things you can do.

First, stop beating yourself up about it. It’s a thing… remember? Second, we get do daydream. More specifically I want you to daydream sexual episodes you had in the past with your loved one. Imagine how they felt, how they smell, how they sound, and how they looked. Every part of them. When things rise to the occasion give yourself a high five. Thirdly, embrace sexually embracing your loved one. You don’t need to look down there just yet but if she is comfortable, touch everything you want. Fourth, STAY AWAY FROM PORN. We are not replacing your loved one’s vagina with a vagina she will never have. Finally, get used to having sex without looking at her vagina… for a minute. Keep your memory alive and once you feel that y’all have your rhythm back you get to start to look at her vagina little by little.

Yes, you get to learn to find your lovers new body to be erotic and wonderful as it has always been. We just get to remove the horror that you saw. Remember, birth was a moment in time. Her vagina will be having sex more times than giving birth.

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