When You’re Not Up For It

When You’re Not Up For It

Nothing rains more on a parade than when the balloons start to lose their air and slowly fall to the ground. Same goes for sex. When we really want to be “up” but in reality things are “down” it can not only end things before they got good but also affect us emotionally, and subsequently, our relationship.

Now, don’t start to freak out on me. If you lose your erection, or can’t get “hard” as you would have normally, and this happens around two times a year. DON’T worry about it. Your penis is entitled to have a bad day. If you worry about it and make it the “new standard” then guess what… it will be the new standard.

That leads me to a very good life lesson. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Many of my guys who come to see me for concerns related to getting an erection, maintaining an erection, and ejaculating had a bad day once or twice and then believed that they will always have a bad day. Guess what happened then? Yep… they always had a bad day moving forward. So, please do yourself a favor and if you have a bad day once or twice a year… let it go.

Now, for those of you who didn’t let it go and now live in the land of stress and anxiety where we don’t know if we’ll get it up, stay up, or finish when we choose – don’t fret because this scenario is one of the easiest and quickest to turn around.

All we get to do is change your beliefs in your own ability to perform. Basically, we work to convince you of what is, in fact, already true. You can perform sexually. You can get and maintain an erection. You get to choose when it is you would like to ejaculate. It’s that simple.

The mind is stubborn though, and it likes to believe what it wants. WE know better and we can get our mind and body to be on the same page. So reframe what you believe, believe in yourself, and stop listening to that little voice in your head (the one on your shoulders).

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