How to “Cure” Your E.D. Symptoms

How to “Cure” Your E.D. Symptoms

I get asked this question a lot in my practice: “I have E.D.; Can it be cured?”

I basically say this. “Anxiety-induced physical reactions are some of the most successfully treatable conditions.” So in short, yes, you can successfully manage how anxiety affects your ability to get and maintain an erection for intercourse.

Anxiety is one of those very interesting conditions that we cannot directly see, but can affect some physical aspect of ourselves directly or indirectly. When E.D. is not contributed by an organic or medication-influenced origin then it’s basically, all “in our head.”

Our belief systems are very powerful. What we truly and deeply believe can affect not only our behavior and reaction to things, but how we view ourselves. It does not take much for us humans to convince ourselves of our abilities. It can take one event or even two events that have the same outcome to “confirm” to ourselves that we are not able to perform at something. This is especially true when it comes to erections.

Case in point: Many men have shown up in my office and have repeated this story almost verbatim. “I can’t keep my erections. As soon as I penetrate, I start to lose my erection. This used to not be the case and then it started to happen. Now, it happens more often than not. I start to think about not wanting to lose my erection the second I see that sex may happen. I literally start to stress about it and it’s all I think about. I tell myself not to lose it over and over in my head but each time now I lose it.”

You can put a young twenty-something to a sixty-something year-old in this story and it’s always the same words. I see it all the time. The good news is – if your mind can believe this and have E.D. be the end result, then we know we can believe the opposite and performance success be the end result. We get to retrain your brain to know and BELIEVE the truth. You can perform. No ifs… ands… or butts.

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