How to Practice Self-Care For Your Relationship (During a Pandemic)

How to Practice Self-Care For Your Relationship (During a Pandemic)

Covid… COvid…COVID-19! Holly hell when will this freaking END ALREADY! Its pandemonium out there! T.P. is still nowhere to be found, people are transitioning to bidets! Things are all kinds of crazy. Soon we really will run into the Jackalope!

How do we survive this pandemic? Yes “we”, not just “I” but “we”… “us”… “nosotros”. We get to have a plan. Now, I’m not saying we need to schedule every detail and plan every minute. I’m saying we get to have goals we don’t want to not put aside – but nurture.

Let’s think about the number three. If your into numerology then you know the number three is all about abundance and happy communications. We get to use this to our advantage. We have now been in this whole Covid-19 pandemic for a while now, some weeks. It’s looking that we are going to be in this for weeks ahead. So, then for each upcoming week I want us to embrace the number three.

What exactly are we embracing? Well, that actually is your choice, BUT it should focus on three things.

1. Emotional,

2. Physical, and


Now this is not precisely for you as an individual but for you as a couple. Each week we get to make sure we touch base with each other within each one of these categories.

Emotional can include talking about plans for the future, plan and upcoming vacation, or even going through our relationship photo album and seeing if we can recreate some of those fun times in our quarantined home. Think outside the box a bit, I’m not saying this needs to be a cry fest.

Physical is anything to do with touch. Being more purposeful with touch. Deeper kiss, holding each other a bit longer, reaching out for your loved one rather than waiting to be reached for. Giving a day time hug when things just feel rough. I’m not saying to get all weird and grope each other… I’m saying to be more purposeful and present in your touch to each other.

Erotic is basically fun. Do things we haven’t done in a while. Try something new, be playful in sex, try a different position, role play, get out naked twister, tell each other a realistic sexual pandemic fantasy and give it a shot. Keep in mind that this is fun and no judgement if it doesn’t pan out exactly as imagined. Heck, play naked baseball in the house and when you get a homerun we get a sexy treat out of a jar. BE CREATIVE we are in this quarantine for a minute.

So in the end, nurture and embrace the number 3. It will bring you abundance and happy sexual communication.

As Always,


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