Can Medication Improve Your E.D.?

Can Medication Improve Your E.D.?

Today it seems so easy for us to take an ailment and slap a pill on it. Erectile Dysfunction is no different. Except, it is, isn’t it? It seems at times that E.D. may be the one ailment that we throw pills at before we even allow a man to finish describing what’s really at play with his body.

So, let’s talk pills and Erectile Dysfunction. There are several medications out on the market today for E.D. such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. Most are to be taken a bit of time before intercourse and there is one medication can be taken as a daily dosage.

Medications to address E.D. can be very effective in many cases. But in many other cases they can have no affect at all. When I mean no affect, I mean you can pop a few pills and watch your penis do absolutely … nothing.

Now, these medications will be most effective for individuals that have certain blood flow issues. The reason that these medications work so well for these individuals is because they help increase blood flow to the penis. The penis relies heavily on good and consistent blood flow to get and maintain an erection for intercourse. So, these medications actually help relax muscles in the penis to increase blood flow.

But what happens if you don’t have blood flow issues or even an organic medical condition? Then these medications may work a handful of times or not at all. The failure rate of these medication when you DO have a medical condition is around 35% and goes much higher if there is no medical need. The question is: Why?

Well, if there is no medical need but you are increasingly anxious about your ability to perform, then medication will not serve you. The strong belief system you have around your ability to perform will win out every time – it will manifest when you don’t want it to. So, if you have a strong belief or anxiety that you cannot get or maintain an erection then the medication will most likely fail right away or after a few times using it. Then we are back to square one.

What is Square One? Seeking professional help. As an expert in how anxieties and mental stressors can affect Erectile Dysfunction, I offer a quick program that has over 90% success rate for all my clients within 2-4 sessions. That’s it.

If you suffer from E.D, and have found that pills are either not working or not something you want to be putting your body through indefinitely, then let’s set a time to talk.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation – online. What are you waiting for? Better sex is around the corner.

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