What Is E.D.?

What Is E.D.?

So let’s start out with the basic question of “What is E.D.?”

Well, erectile dysfunction is simply when one is not able to get or keep and erection long enough or firm enough for penetration. That is basically it. Sweet and simple. Now let’s look a little deeper and clear up some misconceptions about E.D.

The hard truth is that not all E.D. is the same. Meaning – it can be occasional as well as permanent. Some can be medication-induced, surgically-induced, medical condition-induced, emotionally-induced, or age-related.

So let’s start with what medication-induced means. Basically, it’s when one is given anaphrodisiac medication on purpose to lower libido and sexual activity to prevent the ability to get erections. Doctors may do this for purposes of some cancer treatments. Now, some medications can also have secondary side effects that can promote E.D symptoms. There’s a surprisingly large number of medications that can have this side-affect.

Surgically-induced ED is a form of castration where the gonads are removed. This is typically done either as a result of cancer or, in some cases, legal issues. Fortunately, with medical advances many who have to undergo surgery due to cancer are able to not only save the nerve but the muscle as well. This preserves one’s ability to get and maintain erections.

Medical condition-induced E.D. can stem from a plethora of causes. Such as blood pressure issues, smoking, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and many more. Healthy erections occur when our body is healthy.

Emotionally-induced E.D. is a physical response to an anxiety or depressive-related concern. In many cases it’s also a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example – if you’re stressed about not getting an erection – you most likely will not get an erection.

Now age-related causes of E.D. can be simply a part of growing older where we naturally can have decreased testosterone, less circulation, or a number of other age-related conditions that can affect quality of erections.

So there it is! A brief overview of what E.D. is.

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