How Do You Know If You Suffer From E.D.?

How Do You Know If You Suffer From E.D.?

Ok… how do you know? Aside from the quite obvious like just having undergone prostate surgery or similar, are facing cancer issues, or something else that your doctor would have given you a heads up that this may be an issue. We are going to focus on things that may be less obvious or don’t have a “traditional” underlying medical issue.

You’re “softer” than normal. Meaning that your erections are not as stiff as you normally feel they are. Now, I am not talking about that you notice this once or twice a year. I am talking about you are seeing this happen much more frequently. And you are also not under the influence of a depressant such as alcohol.

Your penis is not pointing in the direction it normally does. Let’s say your penis normally points straight up like an arrow when fully erect, however, you start noticing more frequently that your penis is veering to the left or right. This could be a sign of E.D. Remember, this needs to be happening more often than not for it to be a cause of concern.

Maybe your penis is not as “thick” as it normally is. If you notice that your girth has gone down that can also be a sign of things going array. Girth is dependent on not only blood flow working well but also the two corpora chambers within the penis shaft to be able to properly fill with blood.

You are not lasting as long as you would like. Losing your erection too soon, not being able to get an erection for purposes of penetration, or some combination of erection issues can be a sign of erectile dysfunction. Remember that once or twice a year is not an issue -much more frequently is an issue.

Overall less sensitive or less “feeling” when you are having intercourse or sex. If you are starting to feel that you can’t “feel” much, then that can be a concern. Losing sensitivity can be an underlying medical concern that should be checked out.

Overall these are some of the basics. Now there can be various reasons besides blood flow that can lead to E.D.. Porn usage is perhaps the most common of them. That though is a story for another day.

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