To Trust… Is To Orgasm

February 22, 2016

One of the great things about the month of Februarious (Roman name for the month of February and the significance of the festivals held) is not the weather, or knowing that spring is just around the corner. It’s knowing that this is the time of the year for cleansing. So as I sit here in my favorite chair drinking a nice thick cup of hot chocolate (with whole milk my friends… like I say just surrender…) I thought about how so many of us struggle to have the fire within us explode. To surrender and give into the joy and bliss that is our divine right. So I thought to myself… “Self, everyone needs to understand the importance trust plays with orgasmic release.”

So I’m not going to go all through the biological differences of climax or the evolutionary differences between the sexes. What I will say that so many believe that just HAS to be different is how long it takes for each sex to climax. The sex pioneers, Drs. Masters and Johnson, found that men and women could reach orgasm in about the same amount of time…WHAT?! Yes… Men and women can both reach climax at the same rate of time. It’s not set in stone that it has to take longer for women to climax and men to take less time.

This is where a key component comes is that so many of us either choose not to see the link or have no idea that this really is the missing link. Many of us already know that especially for women (men this can help you out too) the sense of emotional connection with their partner is what helps them go down the road to pleasure. Most women (and many guys too) need more than just a genital connection. As I have mentioned (to the point of preaching) before in previous blogs is that orgasm itself requires the act of surrendering to the moment. A key part of surrendering depends on TRUST and a feeling of safety to enter such an emotionally vulnerable state. This is one reason its much easier for many women to masturbate and reach full orgasm more quickly and with greater pleasure. You know yourself, trust yourself, know what to expect, and you know you will be there for yourself above all. So in self-pleasure you can surrender much more easily because you have this trust with yourself.

Trust is very valuable. Its one of the most valuable commodities we have. I mean really have you ever gone to a store and seen a bottle of “Trust” on the self and you can just buy it whenever you are low? I think not… Trust is a valuable commodity and you either have it or not, and you can either loose it or keep it. Plain and simple… In sex, the more you trust the more you walk away wining in a big way. That’s one of the biggest benefits of full trust. You are stating that you know the outcome will be huge. Trust involves knowing you will be caught, elevated, and taken care of. This is why deep love and intimacy involves trust.

Take a minute and think about when a woman is “warming up,” when she is becoming aroused… her vaginal walls become wet… juicy if you will… So now I want you to think about what I have been talking about regarding trust… Now think of what I’m about to tell you… “When trust leaves the “juice” and “flow” will dry up.” Yes, trust is THAT important. So as the saying goes “the more you give the more you will receive” and our bliss comes into the POWER we all hold in our hearts, hands, and genitals. So as we cleanse ourselves this month… I will leave you now with this last thought… “In Orgasm we TRUST.”

As always I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality…


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