Hypnosis-Keeps your head in the game…

Hypnosis-Keeps your head in the game…

“How many emails do I need to send out tomorrow?

Did I schedule that meeting that I intended to do?

What should I pick up at the grocery store? I think we are low on avocados… mhmm avocados… avocado toast… guac!”

Wandering minds, great for reminding us of tasks we need to do…Not so great for sex.

This happens a lot, even more so when we get a wee bit older. When I mean older, I mean that we are fully in our careers, have kids, a home, family and hey even goldfish. Our mind gets very crowded very quickly. I see this across the board and especially in certain stages of life (such as young families) and very demanding careers.

It can be difficult to shut our minds once the work day has ended or we finally put the kids down for bed. Even now in the age of working remotely from home many of us actually don’t even end the work day… we just kind of keep going by taking a few evening breaks to address other things or eat dinner. Then we go right back to that project or email that we have to send.

We tell ourselves… just stop thinking and focus on sex! But then random avocados fill our mind. This is were hypnosis can be a great tool.

You see hypnosis can help us shut up. Yes. Help our minds just SHUT UP, to sssshhhhhhhh.

Now it’s not like you need to go through hypnosis each and every time you are about to have sex. No that would be exhausting and not sexy. It’s a process you would do over a short period of time that just trains the brain to shut up. Once you are done with work, you are done. Kids asleep… done for the day. There is nothing else to think about.

Then when you look for you lovie your mind is on the sexy stuff. How warm they are, how they smell, how their hands feels on your back or behind your head. All that sensual stuff that your mind would not think of because you were stuck on how to make the perfect guac.

So if your mind just keeps rambling like a rambling man from the 70s.

Then it time to give hypnosis a try.

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