Hypnosis for performance? Yeah… its a thing.

Hypnosis for performance? Yeah… its a thing.

You’re going to fail… YOU’RE going to fail…

YOU’RE going to FAIL…


This is the voice many of my guys hear in their head (the one on their shoulders). I like to refer to this voice as Lex Luther… Superman’s arch nemesis. If you have been reading my Blogs for a bit you know why I refer to this voice as Lex.

So we know that Lex is just not helpful and we know we will never get rid of Lex 100%, because Lex represents our inner doubt. We are all born with doubt and we will all die with doubt in our lives. The difference is how much thought we put into what doubt says.

So if we learn to lower the volume on what Lex says in our head then its like 1000% easier to focus and loose ourselves in the sexy moment.

So yeah… stop listening to that voice.

Oh… you say “THAT IS FREAKING HARD!! I have tried!”

I get it. It is hard to listen to a voice that has kinda proven itself to be right on more than one occasion. So I have a great tool for you.


Yes, hypnosis.

The thing is hypnosis helps by quieting down that voice. By removing the significance that it currently holds on us. By reiterating that in fact the opposite is true. Meaning… you have performed sexually from start to finish several times so we know that this current state we are in is not true. What is true is you can perform, you can get and keep an erection. Period.

Now what if you have an underlying medical issue. Well that is more of a challenge… yes, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t added fear, dread, doubt into the mix. That is just an added layer that is not helping us.

So hypnosis can help us reduce Lex from being in our head and have a sex life that will be great for us.

No… I cant make you squawk like a chicken. It’s not the movies.

Now if you really want to squawk.. well you can do that on your own.

As always,


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