How to Carve Out Sexy Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Kids at Home

How to Carve Out Sexy Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Kids at Home

School is canceled… SCHOOL IS CANCELED! Holy hell the kids will be with us 24/7 in a house that WE CANT LEAVE! This is the ripple that was felt across the nation. Not only do we get to figure out how to keep our sanity while being with the whole family indoors, but how do we keep our “me time” and “us time”? No going out, no sitters coming in, NO ESCAPE! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Welp, now is the time to get crafty, purposeful, and work as a team to keep the three sacred spaces alive.

Three scared spaces? Yes…

1. Couple’s time,

2. Individual time, and

3. Family time.

Without these three sacred spaces, getting infected with COVID-19 just so we can get out of this house will really start to look like the best option. Let’s focus on the most important, couple’s time.

Couple’s time is the most important during a quarantine. It’s the time we get to talk, nurture each other, make plans, and of course have sex. This time helps us create and manage the other two sacred spaces.

Depending on what stage of life your kids are in can deeply affect how we carve out our couple’s time. If our kids are old enough to be more self-sufficient such as middle and high school, just be clear that you are going to your room cause you’re “tired” and please do not disturb us.

If you have littles such as babies, toddlers, or elementary-age kids then the struggle is REAL. With everything that is going on, it is understandable how schedules have completely blown up. No pre-k, no school, no daycare, working from home, all the fun stuff.

So, what to do? You NEED to keep to the kid’s schedules. If normally the littles wake up at 7am and are normally in bed by 8pm or 8:30. You get to stick to that. It’s vital because then at 9pm it’s all about you. You get to talk, have an indoor creative date, sex, spoon while streaming, or play strip poker.

I’m dead serious, keep their schedules. Get them up, put them down, keep your time. The consistency will be the key to keeping sex in your life during COVID-19.

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