Hi Mommy! Bye Bye Daddy…

Monday March 7th, 2016

The Miami weather is changing! I can feel the warm sun and cool breeze on my face. My back yard is filled with butterflies and I know that in a flash summer will be here. Now that the month of love has left us, many of us are about to find out that the month of love comes with a little surprise. Around early to mid March many couples will find out that they are expecting… and the arrival will be in November.

So, I hope I’m getting to you before you find out your pregnant. Cause my mission today is to get your attention before picking out color schemes for the nursery becomes the topic of everyday conversation.

Let me start with the hard truth… within 3 years of the birth of a child about 2/3’s of couples express difficulty in their relationship and at the 5 year mark 13% end in divorce. The rates are higher and time frames shorter for parents who did not marry but lived together.

Why does this happen? I mean you are sharing the loving and rewarding experience of raising a little piece of both of you! Well… you need to hear this… IM TELLING YOU… you NEED to HEAR this… SEX. Lack of sex after the birth of a child and for many this starts during pregnancy as well.

I know what you’re thinking… she has ALREADY said this. Yes, I have… but many of you are still not listening. I see many young couples in my office with their little bundle of love with them and both are resentful of the other. Both blame the other for their needs and desires.

Many ladies say… “I am just not interested! I’m tired! We are parents now and why does he just not GET THAT!” I hear from the fellas many statements like this… “I feel like I’m begging all the time. I ask and ask. It has been 9 months since the baby was born and we have done it 1 time. She just doesn’t care or is just with the baby.”

I hear this more often than I care to say. So I am asking you to please hear me on this one. Sex is VILTAL during a marriage and it is very important to continue your sexual relationship during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. It’s crucial for your marriage and if you stay happily married you are giving your little one 14% increase in the probability that they will not end in divorce in their marriage. So hear me for yourself and your little one.

So as you read on this month we well talk about sex after baby. After that you can go choose the colors for the nursery.

As always I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality.



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