Guys This Really Does Happen…

March 14, 2016

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would lie on the grass and look up at the sky… It’s a perfect setting to think and remind yourself how big the world really is.

Think about that for a sec… how a moment can affect us in an instant. How a moment can be much bigger than us. That can happen in any moment as long as for the person that moment represents something big or impactful.

Take childbirth for example… many already know or can relate at how a woman’s experience of childbirth can change them in many ways including sexually. However, many don’t know or realize that childbirth can also affect men sexually. Yes… really… I’m serious…

So we as a society don’t really do a great job of talking about childbirth to men outside of how it will affect the mother. We talk to men about how its going to cost them money, baby will be moms focus, they will be second to baby, and basically fun time is over. Ok, yes… some or all of that can be true, but men can struggle with desire for sex after the birth of a baby as well. Really…

Think about this for a moment. Men are visual creatures… correct? Correct. So for many men who experience the VISUAL event of childbirth… well… it can really impact them.

Why you may ask? I’m glad you asked! So take a moment and put yourself in a guys shoes (if you’re a guy then skip that step). Image what a guy has been told or shown about vaginas all his life… He has probably seen pictures of vaginas and vulvas nicely primped, shots from afar, positioned in sensual ways, and most importantly closed (not dilated).

So imagine… if you have never been shown or explained from an early age that seeing childbirth puts a woman’s vagina in a whole new light, many guys struggle to come back from those images. This is even more so with the increased popularity of water births, home births, and fathers “catching” the baby.

So… I am not suggesting in no way shape or form that we need to have fathers back out in the waiting room. I’m just saying that men need to be exposed to the understanding of how different visually this event can be. For men to know this before hand and not be blindsided by this new image, and give men the tools to help prevent the struggle of loosing his loved ones body that he loves, adores, and plays with. Men can go from seeking their loved ones body to something he avoids.    

As always I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality…


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