3 Purposes of Sex

February 1, 2016

Good morning everyone! On this first day of February, I was blessed to have my favorite weather. A cloudy day with rain showers… just a perfect day to reflect and write. So as I sit on my favorite chair looking outside at the rainfall I began to think of the month of love and sex; more specifically the purpose of sex. Now, the purpose of sex can be different depending on the situation, the person you are with, and even the “goal” at which you have in mind. I would like you to open your mind to the idea that there are 3 Purposes of Sex. The breakdown, at least in my opinion goes like this… 1. Procreation, 2. Fulfillment, and 3. A Deeper Reality.

Now I’m sure most of us know that procreation is a big part of why we need to have sex. In order for us as a species to continue on this planet me need to multiply. Some of us view procreation as our only purpose on this earth. Many religions view procreation as the only reason that sex exists and sex should only be performed to obtain pregnancy. I like to also present my 2 other purposes of sex.

A big part of the purpose of sex in my mind is for Fulfillment. More and more people have adopted this notion over time. It’s also being talked about more in some religious circles to change the presentation of sex not being just for procreation (I tend to think this change in presentation stems from the increase in divorce, but that is just my 2 pennies). Now fulfillment can mean many things. In regards to sex, fulfillment can be just the physical pleasure of sex. This type of pleasure can be enhanced by the context of the situation. For example if a person is having sex JUST for the purpose of the physical fulfillment they will reach a certain level of satisfaction. This satisfaction will quickly subside, as there is no higher fulfillment being reach. If sex is with a person they care about, then more fulfillment can be achieved and branch out to other spheres of ones life. Now, if a person is in the context of an intimate loving and attached relationship then sex can not only reach a high level of fulfillment above just the physical, but then a person has the ability to achieve my 3rd purpose of sex.

The 3rd purpose of sex, which I like to call “A Deeper Reality,” is one that we all have the ability to achieve but many of us do not. A deeper reality is what I like to view as a divine plane. It’s a level of trust with yourself, and loved one that ALLOWS you to completely let go and surrender. Through this surrender we allow ourselves to gain wisdom or consciousness. In the Qigong perspective, sex is regarded as a sacred pillar that shoulders our pure happiness. This happiness is the purest form of our spirit. Us as humans who seek happiness can only reach this state if we embrace sexual vitality in its purest form and shed the idea that sex is just a primal act. When we reach the highest level of consciousness we can be truly happy and fulfilled, which in the end would lead to true freedom.


As always I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality.


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