The Power of Touch

How much do you touch your loved one? Do you hold hands? Do you rub your loved ones shoulders? Do you tell them where and how you like to be touched? Touch is the most profound and erotic act that can happen between two people if you are willing to take the time and put all of you focus in it.

As many of you already know our skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s also quite sensitive. We may not think of our skin as sensitive do to all that it does to protect us. If you take a moment, close your eyes, clear your mind, be still, and think about your skin and what it feels like when your hand gently rubs against it. You can feel so many things. You can feel the warmth of your hand, pressure, softness or roughness. You can feel electricity of energy that flows through your hand.

Now, if you took the moment to feel all that from yourself just touching your arm with your own hand just image what that could feel like if your loved one concentrated on just touching you. Allowing yourself to be touched, caressed, celebrated with love and passion can open the door to a deeper level of love, sexual energetic exchange, as well as the ability to reach higher levels of erotic states.

To do this it defiantly takes trust in your loved one as well as the desire to let go and just be celebrated by your loved one. Try taking it slow by buying some Jojoba Oil infused with lavender and concentrate on toughing each others’ neck and upper chest. Talk about the experience with each other. This could open the door to discovering and rediscovering each other’s beauties, gifts, and embracing your sensuality.

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