Staying connected while deployed

Today our military personnel have been living with long and frequent deployments with most deployments for around 1 year with 1, 2, and even 3 tours. This can be draining on marriages, couples, and families. Communication helps to keep relationships strong during deployment. This can be challenging when military couples experience extended periods of separation, and communication channels are not always optimal for intimate conversations. Fortunately, many of our military have been able to use such programs such as SKYPE, FACE TIME, and various other online video communications. However, deep intimacy is difficult to reach as most communication is not private and not for very long. At each stage of the deployment cycle, being able to negotiate, compromise and resolve conflict requires commitment and skill, particularly in terms of communication.

Communication challenges are inevitable in any relationship, however when these challenges appear in intimate relationships, they should not be interpreted as an indication of incompatibility. Instead of asking yourself, “why do we argue” or “why doesn’t he know what I want” ask “how can we resolve our differences appropriately, even lovingly” and “how do I tell him what my needs are in a way that he will hear it.” Communication is the key to a strong, healthy relationship. In intimate relationships, the ability to talk and listen to each other should be genuine.


If you and or a loved is in the military and is in need of assistance for any concerns please call us today. We do serve the military and their families. 

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