Quickest Easiest ED Remedy: Sex Therapy.

Quickest Easiest ED Remedy: Sex Therapy.

Not to toot my own horn but yes Sex Therapy can be the long term solution to addressing and managing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Sex Therapy can assist and remedy those that have non-organic (medical/physical) reasons for not being able to get and maintain and erection for intercourse. It also can be relied upon in conjunction with treatment of an organic physical contributor.


My non-organic gentlemen come to see me from all walks of life and across all ages. My youngest are about 19 or 20 and the ages go up from there. The VAST majority of my non-organic guys come to see me because of porn-induced ED. You knew I was going to say it… cause I mention it all the time.

Second reason… performance anxiety. Fear of failing in some way during sex. Either because of expectations of self or expectations of partner.

Third reason… negative views of sexual self or negative beliefs of sex. This can be from upbringing or religious views as well.


There are other reasons that those with non-organic causes come to see me but this gives you a peek in the window.

Now, my organic guys (gentlemen who suffer ED as a result of a physical issue) also come from all walks of life and ages. My younger ones in this group start to experience symptoms from their mid-twenties and up. Many of them have long-term chronic illnesses or have undergone some type of procedure. The majority have had cancer.

Second reason… secondary side effects of medication that affect quality of erections. Many blood pressure medications can have a negative impact on one’s ability to have and maintain an erection. It happens, and it’s treatable.

Third reason… injury or accident. Car accident, sports injury, use of certain substances for prolonged periods of time can all have an effect on the quality of one’s erections. If the nerves and muscles are preserved and are regenerating then we can help things along and get you back in business.

When it comes to my organic guys, the goal is to regain as much use of your penis as possible. To be able to keep the sexual side of our life; physically, emotionally, and the pleasure of it all.

Remember, ED is very, very, VERY common and the reason behind it can vary between individuals. That being said, Sex Therapy one of the most effective treatments to address erectile dysfunction – regardless of the root cause. If you’re experiencing any issues, call our office today – and schedule a free 15-minute consult. Let’s get you back in the sack.

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