Is Low-Sexual Desire a Side-Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Is Low-Sexual Desire a Side-Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Day in day out… day in day out… you get up at 7:30 am which is an hour later than your usual routine. You know… before the quarantine. You have been skipping your morning work out and sliding out of bed to the kitchen to press the coffee maker button to on. You stand there thinking to yourself… shower? Or just run a brush through my hair and throw on a descent shirt? You ponder this as the coffee maker continues to percolate. You decide to skip the shower as you only have computer work to do and only one zoom meeting at 2:00 pm which it will be short and sweet. You know after your day of seven hours in front of your computer typing away you will most likely order delivery if your loved one decides not to cook. While eating you know you will continue to binge watch all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and chuckle at all the comic book references that you actually get. 

Your mind is filled with the thoughts of all the unexpected changes at work. What do those changes mean and if that puts your job at risk. You have no real energy to do much, and you feel perpetually bored. Pushing one big ticket item to the back of your mind…Sex. 

Currently, many individuals and couples are experiencing low-sexual desire. There are many contributing factors that are influencing this. For many the stress, change of routine, decreased physical activity, decreased outings, depression, and boredom has smacked the sexy right out of them. Many of us are in a low-grade depressive state. We eat more than we would, exercise less then we would, doing things we enjoy less because we either can’t because its closed or we just have no motivation. Desire for sex, thoughts of sex, has basically whooshed out the window along with most of 2020. So yes…low-sexual desire can be a side-effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

So what to do?  Well… this may hurt a little, so hang on. We’ve been in this pandemic now for about six months. It’s high time we create a new daily routine to cover physical activity, work, entertainment, and dating. Yes, dating. Even if we are in a committed relationship and live together, it’s high time to find creative ways to have fun with each other. Get dolled for each other. See each other in different interactive activities so we nurture the emotional part of our relationship. We also get to stop watching porn and masturbating on the side if that has been on the menu. All that can help us move towards our partner and move closer to the bedroom. 

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