How to Get Space Away From Your Partner – in order to WANT your Partner, all while on quarantine.

How to Get Space Away From Your Partner – in order to WANT your Partner, all while on quarantine.

24/7… 24/7… 24/7!!!!!! That has been most of our days since March. 24/7 with our loved ones. We get up together, eat together, work together, watch TV together, walk together, eat again together, ALWAYS TOGETHER. It’s funny, many of us yearned for more time with our loved ones. We looked forward to the evenings and weekends to see them and play with them. Now… we cant get away from them.

This can put a lot of strain on a relationship. Our lovers have now become our full time friends, coworkers, meal companions, entertainment, roommates, and overall go-to person. That is a lot of responsibility to put on a single person. So much so that they can feel suffocated as swiftly as we may be feeling like we need a major break. This totally can stress out sexy time. Meaning not even in the mood for sexy time. We have not had even a chance to miss them and day dream of them. In fact, by now we know which yoga pants or sweat pants they wear which day with the appropriate Business on top zoom shirt. It has gotten old… real… real… fast.

So what to do? We need space… space away from them, from our house, from work, from kids, even from the dog/cat. In fact, our lovey’s need to get away from us as well. With so many things still closed and social distancing still in effect, what does one do? We still get to be creative.

Can’t go to the gym? Go to a park or around the neighborhood. Just do it at a time WITHOUT your loved one. They get their own time. Schedule it separately and in a way that works if we have kids in school at home. 

Eat lunch out 1-2 times a week alone or with a friend online. You can go to a park, your car, set up you patio. Order in or pick up. Just don’t eat with your partner. They get to do the same. 

Schedule separate errands to run with no kids and alone. When at home work in separate areas of the house. One gets the kitchen or dining room the other gets the guest room or office. Pretend they are not there. If we have home schooling kids alternate days of who will assist as if the other person is not there. 

With these simple strategies we can start get space away from EVERYONE and actually want to be with them more. Keep date night! Make it special. Get pretty for each other. Pick up food or dine in. Don’t forget to do an activity after and skip the movie. 

We can survive this. We can grow from this. We can even come out sexier on the other side.

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