Group Sessions

Group sessions are a great way to address concerns as a community. Many find the communal support, familiar struggles of others, and different perspectives to me not only enlightening but comforting that one is not alone. 

Blue Pearl Therapeutics’ Group Sessions are intimate as there are a maximum of 10 people in a group. This intimate number helps build relationships between each member of the group and together each person can move forward with support. Group sessions are 70 minutes in length (1.5 hrs) with a beginning topic and opportunity to add a topic from group members. 

Current Groups:

“Sex After Baby!” For men ONLY:

 Babies are a joy to any relationship… pregnancy and childbirth is a life changing experience. Many couples struggle with sex and intimacy during pregnancy and think “Oh once the baby gets here things will be back to normal…” but “normal” just seems not to come back. This group of “Sex After Baby” is specifically designed and catered for MEN ONLY. Yes just for the guys! This is your place to discuss what is frustrating you, what you just can’t talk to your loved one about, and how to help transition from pregnant couple, to new parents, and now to a couple with a baby.
Group sessions are designed for 6 week participation while on paternity leave but continues to benefit those who continue on after 6 weeks. Each Wednesday from 10 AM to 11:30 AM. Register today online or call 786-383-2738

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