The Pleasure of Being…

Let me ask you this… what is your relationship with ice-cream? Tell me about it. Whats your favorite part of eating ice-cream? Is it the texture? Temperature? Sweetness? Is it a past memory that lights you up when you eat ice-cream? Or do you like the way the cold cream cools your whole body? Are you a traditionalist who sticks to one flavor or do you add things like Oreos or cookie dough? 

Now… let me ask you this… what is your relationship with pleasure? Tell me about it. What is your favorite part of pleasure? Or do you feel pleasure is not for you? Are your past memories of pleasure positive or not so great? Does this question feel awkward to you? 

Pleasure is your birthright. I know what you maybe thinking… Birthright? “What is she saying!?” Hang with me for a second. So our bodies have been designed to receive physical pleasure from an array of different avenues. We can receive pleasure from handholding and kisses all the way to intercourse. The reason for this gift is so that we would want to experience these forms of touch. More-so with another person. The physical pleasure drives us to want to connect physically and therefore have intercourse and therefore have children. 

If pleasure was out of the picture completely. If our bodies where not designed to want this or experience this. Then the likelihood of intercourse would be non-existent. Without pleasure and the intoxication we can receive from pleasure we would not go through the effort of intercourse.

Let me ask you this… what is your relationship with sexual desire? Tell me about it. You feel your desire is off the charts where you start to question if your “sex crazed?” Is the light completely off where you find yourself saying “desire… what is that!?” Has your experience in the world or the messages you have received regarding desire slowly pushed desire away? All these things do happen. 

So how does one reclaim or transform their relationship to pleasure? A great start is to identify what is getting in the way. This one you may need to dig deep. It could have been an experience, media, culture of origin, heck it could be 1 thing or a 100 things. We just need to find what those are.  

Learning how you are wired. Your biology… your way of thinking… all this takes a part in your relationship to pleasure. 

Getting real about how you have appeared in relationships and how you have attracted relationships contributes to your relationship with pleasure. Walk yourself through your history. Starting with your first crush. Yes… that far back.

Now. If you are one of my fellow ladies and are looking for ways to embrace “The Pleasure of Being Female” then you are in luck. Click here for my upcoming workshop with The Sex Summit.

Now. If you are one of my fellas hold on tight. One will be coming your way.

As always, I hope I have inspired you to connect with your sensuality.


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