The little gesture with a lot of baggage!

The little gesture with a lot of baggage!

You know which gesture I’m talking about. No not the one with hand and finger, the other one. Yes… that one! The ever so discreet EYE ROLL… At some point in our lives we have done it. Maybe to our parents, partners, spouses, children, and friends. “Whats the big deal!?” You may say. Well, in fact, when it comes the the eye roll with our partner/spouse it actually means quite a bit. It displays contempt, anger, resentment, and the inability to communicate effectively as a couple. Over time this can lead to separation and even divorce. In fact, eye rolling between partners/spouses is a strong predictor of divorce.

Many couples/marriages that come to my office display this behavior either when one person is explaining a point to me or if they are trying to speak to each other. This gesture breaks down the ability to communicate because you are saying that the other person is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn. Not really inviting for a conversation is it.

If you would like to read a little bit more on the subject check out the link to the article below. Its a simple read. If you and your loved one find yourself unable to respectfully communicate each others wants and needs maybe seeing a therapist as a couple can prevent future disintegration of your relationship.

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