Grief And Loss

How Long Does it Take to Grieve?

It is helpful to know that grief is natural and time limited. It can continue anywhere from two weeks to almost two years, and is usually different for each relationship or event. It is also quite normal to be able to experience joy, contentment, and humor even amidst the worst loss. Some cope with loss when at a funeral with laughter, some may put their loved ones cloths on, and others keep the departed room just as they left it for a period of time. Factors contributing to soothing grief include strong social support, optimism, and physical exercise. Most people recover from grief and can continue with their usual activities, while still feeling moments of sadness, within six months. Some people feel better after about a year to a year and a half. For others, their grief may be longer lasting, continuing for years without seeming to improve or with any break, and this may be due to factors before the loss such as pre-existing depression or high dependency on the departed. 

Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Some people are more emotional and dive into their feelings while others are stoic and may seek distraction from dwelling on an unchangeable fact of living.  Neither is better than the other, but if at any point one is concerned about whether one’s grief-related feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are “normal” and “healthy,” a consultation with a qualified mental health professional may be advised.

If you and or a loved one may be concerned about a possible complicated grief and loss call us today.

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