“Sex After Baby” Women’s Only Group

A Group For New Moms!

Sex After Baby - For Women Only

Babies are a joy to any relationship…pregnancy and birth is a life-changing experience. Many couples struggle with sex and intimacy during pregnancy and think, “Oh, once the baby gets here things will get back to normal.”

But “normal” just seems to never come back.

About This Group

  • This group of “Sex After Baby” is specifically designed and catered to WOMEN ONLY. Yes, just for moms!
  • Discuss frustration of sex after giving birth. 
  • Talk about what you think your loved one doesn’t understand. 
  • How to reignite sex and intimacy. 
  • Discuss thoughts of your loved one possibly going outside the relationship. 
  • Help transition from pregnant couple, to new parents, and now to a couple with a baby. 
  • Great for women in first year after the birth of a child. 
  • Perfect for first- and second-time moms!

Designed for 6 week participation while on maternity leave and continues to benefit those who continue on after 6 weeks. 

Each Tuesday from 10 AM to 11:15 AM

Cost: $270 per person for 6-week group. 

Register today by contacting us or calling 786.383.2738