Schools and Parents

Sex education helps build a foundation for positive sexual health behavior. Early sex education can help youth learn the risks involved in sexual activity if one choses not to use appropriate barriers or abstain from sexual behavior. Fear tactics has long shown to not be a deterrent from youth engaging in sexual behavior as well as not discussing sex or providing adequate information. The best tool to give youth is factual information, education on how to use barriers, and information of the health benefits of abstaining from sex until a later age.

Gabriela does conduct sex education classes to universities, colleges, private high schools and middle schools, as well as religious organizations. Call 786-383-2738for more information.

Sometimes it’s difficult to open up the conversation regarding sex and intimacy to your child. Many parents find it embarrassing, uncomfortable, or struggle to learn their child’s view of sex is different form theirs. It’s never too early or too late to talk about sex with your child. If you find that you are struggling to talk with your child Gabriela does provide appointments for parental counseling and assists parents in learning best practices to talk about sex and intimacy with their child. Gabriela will work with you to help you find the best way to open the door to talk about sex while incorporating your personal or religious views so you can help your child navigate through this new stage of their life.

To schedule an appointment and open the door to positive communication regarding sex with your child call 786-383-2738 today.