What are common reasons people seek therapy?

Many people seek therapy for a wide array of reasons. Some people feel that they are not getting the most from their relationship in regards to sex and intimacy. Others seek therapy to address substance abuse, which is affecting family, home, work, health and overall happiness. There are even individuals who seek therapy to address a trauma such as an accident, military engagement, domestic violence, rape and molestation. Whatever the reason, if there is a concern in your life that is weighing on you—it’s important to speak to someone about. If you are curious to see if therapy is right for you we encourage you to an initial session to see if therapy is a good fit.

What makes therapy successful?

Therapy is successful because it gives individuals, couples, adolescents and children a safe place to discuss openly whatever concern they want to address. Many times there are topics where talking. a close friend or family member may not he the best option. With a therapist there is no judgment or hidden agenda. Together, you and a therapist can discuss openly and in detail your concern and find the best way to move forward.

Is therapy right for me?

If you want a safe place to discuss whatever concern you are facing and you have tried and tried to address your concern without getting you the results you wish, then therapy may be the best option for you. It will give you a chance to openly discuss your concern and find new ways to address it in order to find peace and happiness in your life.

How long does therapy last?

Sincerely, it’s different for everyone. Some individuals come for just a few sessions and others see a therapist for longer. One thing is certain though, as soon as you walk in the door your therapist will be working on how to get you to where you want to be as soon as possible.

How long is a session?

The first session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Follow up sessions are 50 minutes.

Is everything private and confidential?

Absolutely! Sessions with a therapist are protected by law.

Do therapists at Blue Pearl Therapeutic see patients after working hours?

We sure do! There are evening hours on Tuesdays with the last appointment being scheduled at 7:30pm.

Do you work with the Military and their families?

Absolutely! We work with Military and their families. In fact we work with Military clients that have undergone physical and or emotional traumas due to act of war. Military Families also go through struggles and changes when their loved one is deployed, has undergone a trauma from being deployed, or is struggling with adjusting to another relocation.

What about the LGBT community?

We work with everyone! We are a safe place for any person wanting to address a concern that is keeping them from moving forward. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered are welcome! We also work with clients that are considering sex reassignment surgery, and hermaphrodites that are wanting to address any concern.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment you can call the office line at 786-383-2738, online through our online appointment scheduler (appointment requests online will be confirmed by email and/or phone call), and you can send an email to Gabriela@BluePearlTherapeutic.com with your request and you will receive a call back.

Do you prescribe medications?

We do not. Medications are prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist. If your therapist and you determine that medication may be helpful, a referral can be made.